100% Progressive Web App screenshot

100% Progressive Web App screenshot

100% Progressive Web App (PWA) screenshot

100% Progressive Web App screenshot is an illustration for my comment in Welcome to Wondrous Web Apps.

100% Progressive Web App screenshot Details

The screenshot is from the Lighthouse utility within the Developer Tools of the Chrome Browser. As such, it’s an industry standard for assessing PWAs. However, it raises some issues for webmasters when they seek to assess their own Progressive Webb App:

  • Lighthouse audits are affected by extensions and other aspects of your browser. So always run Chrome Incognito and check that no extensions are affecting performance.
  • Clarify objectives! It’s reasonable to aim for a score of 100 for Progressive Web App. But are the other 4 Lighthouse scores important to your business? Or is it OK to aim for at least 90 to get a green light?
  • WordPress plugins often affect Performance, Best Practice, and SEO scores. So always set your starting benchmark with a minimal WordPress installation. Then you can assess how different features affect overall performance in future.
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