Wondrous Web Apps use OneSignal push notification. So it’s nice to see OneSignal selected as the preferred push notification service in an Informed Learners System.

OneSignal Push Notification for Informed Learners

This is a short review of a study that chose OneSignal as the best push notification service for its Informed Learner system[1]. As the system being studied is beyond the scope of Wondrous Web Apps, I limit this review to a few salient points. Because I want to focus on the merits of OneSignal as a reliable component.

The study recognizes the importance of a push notification service within its learning system. Because students need to be reminded of key activities.

the main idea is to register the student device to OneSignal push notification service. After connecting the device to OneSignal […] A push notification service is used to inform a person about his/her interest specified to an application.

In the case of this study, students can be kept informed about the courses they are registered on or interested in. For Wondrous Web Apps, we can provide whatever push notifications are relevant to specific users and to groups of users.

Such routines are reliable using OneSignal in Wondrous Web Apps. But, as revealed by this study, not all push notification services are easy to implement:

[pushing notifications direct from the database makes it] difficult to target specific devices. The tag option which enables to send push notification to a specific group of device was also tried but it was not working. Other push notification service like Pushwoosh and parse was tried. Finally OneSignal was chosen.

User Push Notifications with OneSignal

Finally, the study notes the intention of allowing students to push their own messages:

Privileges can also be provided to students so as to allow them also to send notifications.

This can also be part of Wondrous Web Apps. Simply requiring user accounts and appropriate message configuration. Here, every case is different. But we can configure preformed and free form messages to make life easier for users and administrators.

The illustration shows the architecture used in this study. But note that in Wondrous Web Apps, we normally use our WordPress database rather than the Azure platform. However, bespoke database connections are available.

OneSignal Push Notification Architecture
OneSignal Push Notification Architecture

Your OneSignal Push Notification

Do you want to incorporate OneSignal Push Notification into your app? Then get in touch using the Feedback form below. Then we can discuss the easiest and most effective way to implement your OneSignal Push Notification system.

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OneSignal Push Notification References

  1. Sungkur, Roopesh Kevin, Yuvna Gangabaksh, and Nistika Rutah. “Cloud-based cross-platform push notification system for more informed learners.” In 2016 IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Innovative Business Practices for the Transformation of Societies (EmergiTech), pp. 229-234. IEEE, 2016.
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