UI and Design Apps List

These apps improve your website User Interface. So they provide your visitors with better user experience. Which should lead to improved return traffic.

Please remember this is just one of five categories to help improve different aspects of your online business. So if you want to see all apps that might help you, see the search features in the main Apps List.

UI and Design Apps List

Back To Top Button App
A simple button which allows visitors to scroll the page back to the top.
SmartUnderline App
SmartUnderline is an open source library developed at Cloudflare Labs to give links a beautiful underline style.
Hero Image App
Hero Image adds a full screen image that pulls in visitors to read on.
Welcome Bar App
Display a message at the top of any page that links anywhere.
Before and After Gallery App
Compare two pictures. For example you might compare the skin of a client before and after they use a treatment that you sell. Or you might use it to show work you did on a house renovation.
Image Watermarks App
Add your custom mark to the images on your site.
Flashcard App
Flashcard makes it super easy to add any information on your site in the form of a floating card. You can show a title, a message and a button which takes the user to any link when clicked.
Side Nav App
Add a navigation menu to the left side of your site.
Stack Gallery App
Stack Gallery engages users with it’s unique interactions, by scattering your content on the canvas. This is ideal when you want to save space, while presenting more items at once. For example on mobile devices.
Mosaic Gallery App
Display your images in a dynamic grid to group your content. Because of this unique layout your photos are telling a story, together.
Image Slider App
An effective way to showcase your images in a compact space is to group them as a slideshow. Perfect for displaying many hero images at once.
Google Fonts App
Google Fonts allows you to add unique fonts to your webpage. Give your webpage any feeling from serious to lovable.
Trianglify App
Trianglify is a tool for creating colorful triangle backgrounds. Use them as a background for your header, content, or your entire site.
Button Builder App
Button Builder makes adding buttons easy. Choose from a wide range of customisation options.
Typist App
Typist dynamically retypes parts of your heading to deliver more dynamic and capitivating landing pages which tell the full story.
Cover Message App
Cover Message lets visitors sign up for your newsletters, link to exclusive deals and information, or show them important announcements.
Background Video App
Background Video offers a simple way to play any YouTube video in the background of your website. Just paste a URL of a video, click where you want to to appear, and you’re done.
Add Content App
Add Content helps site owners who want to update their site content quickly. This app is perfect for annoucements, marketing copy, or any content that changes frequently.
Add HTML App
Place your HTML anywhere you need on your site, without having to dive into the code. Even better, you can replace a part of your site with your new HTML, giving you complete control.
Add CSS App
Add CSS allows you insert CSS into the of your website, making it easy to make small style adjustments. So it’s often useful for other apps you install with Cloudflare Apps.
Shepherd App
Create a guide for onboarding new users through a tour of your site.
Particles App
Particles adds a creative particle design that swims across the back of your webpage. This app offers interacibility that includes making more particles, pushing particles, or turning particles into bubbles.
Countdown App
The live counter updates every second, counting down to the date and time you choose. You can place it anywhere on your site, including your homepage or a blog post.
Corner Ribbon App
Add an announcement ribbon to the corner of your website.
PACE automatically shows a loading progress bar when the page is loading or requesting data. It comes in a number of colors and styles so it will look great on any website.
Smart Quotes App
Smart quotes are the correct typographical way to represent quotation marks. They increase legibility and professionalism.
Random Background App
Random Background automatically selects a beautiful image from Unsplash and sets it as the background of your website.
Background Meow App
Background Meow is a beautiful and easy way to add background images on your website. Show a random image from Unsplash or search by keyword, category, collection, user and more.
Countdown Timer App
Countdown Timer is the easy way to drive more clicks to your ‘Buy Now’ or call-to-action button by creating a sense of urgency.
Map App
POWr Map enables you to easily help customers find your stores, events and products in a fully customizable map that can be up and running in seconds.
POWr FAQ is the easy way to create, organize and display Frequently Asked Questions on any page. Boost your customer service and reduce support requests by having answers to common questions readily available and accessible.
Slider App
POWr Multi Slider creates a slideshow to shine a spotlight on your products, promotions, events and more. Easily add it anywhere on your site and use images, videos, banners and powerful call-to-action buttons to boost engagement and increase conversions.
Liquid Button App
See description in Social and Communication Apps List.
Select App
Select gives dropdown inputs a fresh look without any technical setup. Choose one of the three included themes and let us do the rest.
Popup App
POWr Popup is the easy way to increase your website conversions with a custom popup window. You can put it on any page and customize it with your own text, button text, colors and more.
Gallery App
POWr Gallery can create customized product grids, user testimonial pages, and press galleries. By adding built-in call-to-action buttons within your gallery, that link directly to other pages on your site, you can get your visitors to take action.
Cursor Sparkles App
Add sparkles to your cursor.
Upside-down mode App
Upside-down mode flips your site’s images. Which seems pointless to me.

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