Security Apps List

These apps improve website security. So they help protect your site from threats. Because it’s important to maintain a strong security reputation with your visitors. Especially where you provide e-commerce and other online commercial services.

Please remember this is just one of five categories to help improve different aspects of your online business. So if you want to see all apps that might help you, see the search features in the main Apps List.

Security Apps List

CodeGuard App
Site & Database Backups. Protect your site today!

CodeGuard is the leading provider of website and database backup services and is trusted by some of the largest hosting providers in the world, providing incremental backups at 99.9% levels of reliability for over 400,000 websites and databases globally.

Detectify App
The leading web security scanner for security monitoring.

Continuous Web Security
Detectify is a security service that seamlessly integrates into the development process. We analyze your website from a hacker’s perspective and report back with the latest vulnerability findings. Let us detect security issues for you before hackers do.

Use automation to stay on top of security:

  • Detectify seamlessly integrates into the development process.
  • Tests your website for over 500 vulnerabilities, including OWASP Top 10.
  • Can be used on both staging and production environments.
  • Offers integrations with the most popular developer tools.
  • Continuously updated by our top-ranked security team of white hat hackers.
Hardenize App
Comprehensive security report card for your site.

Hardenize is a comprehensive security tool that continuously monitors the security and configuration of your domain name, email, and website. Our Cloudflare app will show-off your good security to your visitors via a small embedded badge. The badge changes based on the configuration of your web site. By default, everyone gets the standard version. If your site has better than average security, we’ll show that to your visitors!

Cookie Consent App
Tell visitors that your site uses cookies.

Tell your visitors if your site uses cookies and helps (not solve) your website complies with EU cookie laws. Cookie Consent includes custom positioning and theming.

MailChannels App
Modern spam filtering

A clean inbox matters. Add premium spam filtering for your team to ensure you get more of the email you want, and less of the email you don’t. Our email security technology adapts around the clock to emerging threats to keep you safe.

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