Performance Apps List

These apps improve website speed and responsiveness. So they help make your site more attractive to visitors. In turn, that should improve user engagement and increase return visits.

Please remember this is just one of five categories to help improve different aspects of your online business. So if you want to see all apps that might help you, see the search features in the main Apps List.

Performance Apps List

Refresh page
Automatically refresh a page after a given interval.
Autosave App
Prevent data loss by saving text input fields locally.

Your users can lose their form data when they accidentally close tabs. Or if they navigate to a different web page. Autosave prevents this by persisting all text inputs locally until the form is submitted. Whenever the page is refreshed, all text fields are automatically restored, thereby saving your users a tremendous amount of effort of filling all the fields.

Autosave is “install and go”. So no configuration is needed. Because it will automatically scan the forms on your page and save the fields as the user fills them.

Note: Autosave doesn’t save sensitive information like passwords and credit card fields.

Queue-it Virtual Waiting Room App
Prevent web traffic peaks from overloading your website/app

Queue-it is the leading developer of virtual waiting room services to control website and app traffic surges by offloading visitors to an online queue. Its powerful SaaS platform enables online ticket vendors, e-commerce companies, educational institutions, and public-sector services around the globe to keep their systems online and visitors informed, capturing key sales and online activity on their most business-critical days. The use of Queue-it has ensured online fairness during high-demand situations for billions of consumers worldwide.

cookiless App
Show a EU Cookie Acceptance Banner

The app will add a bottom screen banner which will inform the user about the cookie policy on your site.

The configuration screen gives you the option to change the text and transparency of the banner.

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