SatisMeter provides a satisfaction survey for website visitors. Together with tracking and reporting of trends. Because they claim that improving visitor satisfaction will accelerate growth. Unfortunately, they offer no evidence to support that growth claim. Worse still, they claim 30% response rates. Yet pricing examples are based on 10% response rates.

Introducing SatisMeter Cloudflare App

Because this app is charged by the number of responses, that makes it impossible to budget likely costs. But most importantly, it’s impossible to assess the value of survey responses. So I have not bothered to test this app so far.

Having said that, SatisMeter does not charge for the first 100 responses. So you might like to try it for free to see if it suits your online business model. But only if you expect sufficient value from any potential customer growth. Because the SatisMeter plans are at least $49 per month depending on volume. Their “Most popular” price band is $99 per month for 1,000 monthly responses. Their highest published price option is $299 for 10,000 responses per month, and you can ask them for rates for higher-volume sites.

At the moment, I’m not offering any management services for SatisMeter. Except that I will install it for you if you wish.

SatisMeter App Features

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SatisMeter App Costs

As I explained above, you have to actually use this app before you can evaluate the true running cost. But as a guide, I will establish some likely numbers for small, medium, and large websites. Then I will review all estimated costs to ensure comparisons are as good asa they can be.

So I’ll start with SatisMeter pricing data and suggest the following budgets:

  1. Startup (up to 100 responses): Free of charge.
  2. Small site (300 responses per month from 3,000 users): $588/year.
  3. Medium Site (1,000 responses per month from 10,000 users): $1,188/year.
  4. Large Site (10,000 responses per month from 100,000 users): $3,588/year.
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Will SatisMeter earn more profit for your website?

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