Google Analytics is a well-known service for webmasters to show many aspects of visitor behavior and website traffic. It’s free and very easy to install. So I highly recommend trying this app if you’ve never used Google Analytics before.

Introducing Google Analytics Cloudflare App

From the Cloudflare point of view, the app is very simple. Because it simply injects the Google code into your web pages. Which is usually quite easy to do by editing the template for your website. Or by adding plugins for websites that use WordPress and similar content management tools.

You might notice that there are many negative reviews for this app in the Cloudflare Apps List. However, all the negative reviews I’ve seen suggest that the reviewers have failed to set up their Google Analytics account properly.

So if you are unsure about managing a Google Analytics account, I suggest you let me manage it for you. That way, you can let me do the number-crunching and management reporting. Allowing you to focus on meeting your customer’s needs.

Google Analytics App Features

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Google Analytics App Source Code
Requires 3rd Party Account?
Yes (Free)
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Google Analytics App Costs

This app is free of charge.

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The easiest, fastest way to get Google Analytics on your website.

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