Insights Apps List

These apps collect and display information about your website visitors behavior. So they help you see user preferences. Then you can analyze results and improve visitor engagement.

Please remember this is just one category from many different apps to help improve your online business. So if you want to see all apps that are helpful to you, see the search features in the main Apps List.

Insights Apps List

Google Analytics App
Collect and analyze your data to reach the right audience.
Get stronger results across all your sites, apps, and offline channels. Google Analytics Solutions offer marketing analytics products for businesses of all sizes to better understand your customers.
SatisMeter App
Collect user feedback, reduce churn and accelerate growth.

With SatisMeter you can:

  • Gather Net Promoter Score (NPS) and customer feedback straight from your web.
  • Analyze feedback and satisfaction trends on SatisMeter dashboards.
  • Customize SatisMeter survey to comply with your design.
  • Ask every user in their own language.
  • Automatically share the feedback with your team via email, Slack and other channels.
Navegg App
Solutions in Big Data, DMP and Web Analytics.

Navegg Analytics is a Navegg solution for businesses that want to really know their audience.

For blogs and small businesses
If you have a blog or a small/average business, pick the basic module. With this, you can analyze classic data like visits by genre, age, and more. Qualitative information is included. All this information will help you build a complete media kit or take more assertive actions.

Admiral App
Free Adblock Analytics, Plus Revenue Recovery for Publishers

Admiral provides revenue recovery solutions that empower publishers to systematically regain control of their advertising environments from adblockers. Admiral’s platform is engineered to create lasting solutions through advanced analytics and visitor engagement tools that enable publishers to build and maintain stronger relationships with audiences.
Product Suite:
– Measure: Advanced adblock analytics
– Engage: Engagement-based revenue recovery
– Recover: Reinsertion-based revenue recovery
– Transact: Value exchange beyond advertising

SiteCTRL App
Improve site SEO, traffic, and content.

SiteCTRL helps websites see how content is shared, helping publishers improve site performance and identify content trends. Install SiteCTRL to increase site traffic, SEO, and understand how your audience shares your content both privately and publicly.


  • Copy & Paste: Understand how your audience shares your content privately and across social platforms to improve your site’s SEO, traffic and content with our copy and paste technology.
  • SpeedShare: Increase your brand’s footprint across social networks.
  • Analytics: Understand how users share your content publicly and privately. Find out what’s being copied, top keywords, and top images.
Piwik Analytics App
Amazing insights on your users and website activity to grow.

This app will automatically add the Piwik tracking code to your website and track your visitors into your Piwik so you can get a 360 degree view on your users and customers. Increase your conversions, sales, and revenue with all the insights you get. This service has been renamed Matomo. But the Cloudflare information has not been updated.

Measure Adblock usage App
Find out what percentage is blocking your ads and analytics.

Once installed the app will test Google Ads and Google Analytics from within your website (once per page session) and track if these requests where successful or blocked.

Moesif API Insights App
Deep product insights into your APIs and customers.

Moesif is designed for API developers and product managers of APIs such as public/open API with a developer community or partner APIs. In addition, applications that are architected around using 3rd party services or serverless functions can benefit deeply from Moesif’s API insights.

Thousands of developers process billions of API calls through Moesif for debugging, monitoring and understanding usage.

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