Apps List

This is the starting page for finding apps that suit the business needs of your website. But I’m still gathering facts to help you make the best choices.

Soon, you will be able to describe your website needs. Then, I’ll list the best apps to match your budget, your business needs, and your technical abilities. In the meantime, you can browse by category to see what is available now.

Apps Categories

Insights Apps
A selection of apps that provide insight into website visitors behavior.
Performance Apps
A selection of apps that improve website speed and responsiveness.
Security Apps
A selection of apps that improve website security and protect sites from threats.
Social and Communication Apps
A selection of apps that improve communication with website visitors.
UI and Design Apps
A selection of apps to improve your website User Interface.
Widgets and Plugins Apps
A selection of apps that add website functionality and services.
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Financial Disclaimer: Part of the purpose of (Wondrous) is to recommend apps to Website owners that help manage websites as a business asset. But this is definitely NOT a substitute for professional financial advice.

Information on this website is provided by a fellow online business owner (Keith Taylor) with a love of accurate data. But no professional financial qualifications. So you must seek advice from a qualified accountant about website valuation and any other accounting matters.