1dro.us is the online home of Wondrous Web Apps from Keith Taylor. So that begs 2 questions:

  1. What are Wondrous Web Apps?
  2. Who is Keith Taylor?

In reverse order, Keith Taylor is an online business owner who uses the Internet to learn about subjects that interest him. Then he teaches that knowledge to others. So that’s enough of this 3rd person explanation. Because you’re really here to learn the Purpose of Wondrous Web Apps.

Purpose of Wondrous Web Apps

My long term goal is to show you how to find and deploy the best apps for your online business. But first I need to learn much more about the current marketplace. Because I’m:

  • Confused by what I’m offered.
  • Ignorant about the technology for deploying apps.
  • Excited to return to programming.
  • Convinced I can find simple solutions for online businesses.

So, my Statement of Purpose for 1dro.us must evolve as I gain knowledge and develop app deployment strategies. But for now, this is a collaborative learning project to clarify the choices for webmasters who do not have direct access to a team of app developers.

Before I make my purpose clear, I need to explain a little more background.

History of Wondrous Web Apps

In the past, I’ve enjoyed making a living offline as a programmer analyst in a variety of finance and production tasks. Elsewhere, I’ve enjoyed working in sales and marketing management. So I have a well-rounded business background that I draw on to publish websites. Mostly, I earn income from advertising and commissions. But I’m also aware of the different requirements to support direct sales.

That means I can identify business processes that can benefit from apps. Then I can show other business owners how they can apply those apps for better profitability. So I draw together technical and business requirements. Because online business owners need step-by-step guides for configuring and deploying apps that benefit the bottom line.

Goals for Wondrous Web Apps

I will:

  1. Catalog apps that you can use today to improve your business.
  2. Identify which of my business processes need better app support.
  3. Develop new apps to support my business processes.
  4. Teach you how to deploy my apps to improve your business.

Statement of Purpose for 1dro.us

1dro.us provides a catalog of web apps that describes app costs and benefits. Together with factors that affect how and why they are deployed. So you can select and deploy apps that match your specific business needs.

1drous Target image
1dro.us Purpose

Your Purpose for 1dro.us

Without dialog, I have no idea why you are reading this. But I can make educated guesses based on traffic patterns and search query analysis.

So you can clarify your purpose by typing questions or topics into the search box. Or you can start a specific dialog with me now. Unfortunately, I have not yet developed the ultimate business dialog app<1>. So in the meantime, share your questions, experiences, or opinions about 1dro.us.

Leave Purpose of 1dro.us to browse more About Wondrous Web Apps.

Purpose of 1dro.us Footnotes

  1. For several years I have pushed forums as the best tool for business dialog. But they’re mainly outdated and ineffectual for encouraging engagement. However, they seem to work well in some support and learning environments. So my first task beyond the current phase is to identify or develop apps that make business dialog more effective. Importantly, I must identify if learning and business dialog processes should be combined or separate.
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