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This page describes the Wondrous Web Apps website. So it helps you get more out of the website. Because you understand Keith Taylor’s purpose, 1dro.us scope, and how we all work together to help you choose the best way to provide apps for your online business.

About Wondrous Web Apps

For information about 1dro.us read:

Purpose of 1dro.us
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1dro.us Purpose
Describes the purpose and scope of 1dro.us including history that led to Keith Taylor’s Wondrous Web Apps.
Effective communication is a priority for Keith Taylor. So you can see from my Purpose Statement for 1dro.us that I am working on improving how you contact me. Then I will publish new Contact Details for 1dro.us with commercial and technical channels. In the meantime, my latest details are at Contact Keith Taylor.
See Road Map
Privacy Policy
As with Contact Details, my move to web apps will affect the wording of my Privacy Policy. But I explain the principles at Keith Taylor Privacy Policy.
Terms and Conditions
As with Contact Details, my move to web apps will affect the wording of my Terms and Conditions. But I explain the principles at Keith Taylor Terms and Conditions.
Searching and Navigation
1dro.us uses Google Custom Search Engine implemented as a web app. Now, this is still under development. But you can see current progress at Google Web Apps. Also, see Road Map.
Road Map
Some of my development plans for Wondrous Web Apps. Just in case you thought the current paucity of content is all you can hope for.

Your 1dro.us

On my websites, I usually include a mix of:

  • Surveys and Polls
  • Comments and Feedback

Occasionally, I include a forum for your questions, experiences, and opinions. But at this stage of the development of 1dro.us, I have not included any interactive features. So, you can use my contact details above if you need more information about Wondrous Web Apps. Better still, ask in my learning forum.

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Financial Disclaimer: Part of the purpose of 1dro.us (Wondrous) is to recommend apps to Website owners that help manage websites as a business asset. But this is definitely NOT a substitute for professional financial advice.

Information on this website is provided by a fellow online business owner (Keith Taylor) with a love of accurate data. But no professional financial qualifications. So you must seek advice from a qualified accountant about website valuation and any other accounting matters.