Welcome to Wondrous Web Apps

Wondrous Web Apps is a personal project to help me understand the different ways to create apps for online businesses. Later, I intend to use my app knowledge to advise other business owners. But for now, I will explore the options and generate best practices for different situations.

Also, I’ll start to catalog useful apps that businesses can use as an alternative to developing their own.

1dro.us Introduction

After years of domination by native apps for Android and iOS, Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) are beginning to take a foothold. Personally, this seems a better development platform. So I’m interested in replacing some website functionality with a PWA.

More importantly, I’m interested in developing better webmaster apps for my use and better consumer apps for my visitors. So I’m starting with the basic PWA you will see here today. Then I’ll explore current tools for deploying app functionality. But mainly, I want to create step-by-step guides I can use in my own business to deploy the functions I need.

Ultimately, I hope this will lead to apps that other webmasters can use or adapt.

Starting 1dro.us

Since my current experience is almost exclusively WordPress-based, I have started this website as a basic standalone installation with minimal plugins and the default theme. But I would prefer my PWA tools to be platform-independent. So I will consider other platforms when I convert other websites to PWAs. For now I have:

  • Arranged Tech to install minimal WordPress and delete auto-installed content. So part of this project is to determine what are the minimum WordPress plugins required.
  • Written an About page and this blog post.
  • 1dro.us PWA Logo
    Keith Taylor’s Web Apps

    Created icons for the website and the app.

Next, I will do the following tasks (and mark ✔ when done):

  • Create a Front Page (Homepage), an Offline Display Page, and a blog placeholder. ✔
  • Instruct Tech to configure the PWA with icons and test with Lighthouse. ✔
  • Complete pages in the About 1dro.us section. ✔
  • Start a CompareBase for current tools.

So I’ll describe future organization changes in the 1dro.us Road Map. Which means all you can do now is wait for the next installment.

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Financial Disclaimer: Part of the purpose of 1dro.us (Wondrous) is to recommend apps to Website owners that help manage websites as a business asset. But this is definitely NOT a substitute for professional financial advice.

Information on this website is provided by a fellow online business owner (Keith Taylor) with a love of accurate data. But no professional financial qualifications. So you must seek advice from a qualified accountant about website valuation and any other accounting matters.